Blue Flag Festival in Ventspils + beach run NIKOS BALTIC RUN

04.06.2016- 05.06.2016.
47.00 EUR

1. day Departing from Riga (07:00). Having organized coffe break. Departure to the city of Tomorrow – Ventspils. That will host a traditional “Blue Flag Raising Festival”.Ceremony will take place at the Ventspils beach, featuring several musical surprises and lighting up everyone with joyable festive program.17 years ago in 1999, Ventspils beach was the first one in the Baltics which won the right to fly the Blue Flag, a symbol of a clean and secure environment. For the first time festive program will include international beach run “Nikos Baltic Run 2016”. The purpose of the event is popularization of a healthy lifestyle and alternative way to spend time together with friends and family. There are three types of distances you can take part in: Children’s run 500 m and adults run– 5km and 10 km distances. After the run we offer you to enjoy the festive atmosphere and buy some souvenirs from the local craftsmen. Ostas Street Promenade is a beloved place for walks. From one side, it is enclosed by the River Venta and Ventspils Port businesses, from the other – by historic buildings and tourism objects. You can see the city from the water by taking a 45 minute long cruise along the port and the mouth of the Venta River on a tour boat called “Duke Jacob” (Hercogs Jēkabs). Special offer to have even more fun during the day of the event for the participants from “Ventspils water adventure park” – entrance only 1 Eur.

2. day Going to the Seaside Open Air Museum. Seaside Open Air Museum presents the everyday life of the Kurzeme coast population. Visitors can get acquainted with the development of fisheries, look at a variety of boats and a wide collection of anchors, fishermen buildings and other objects. Later on you will have a chance to enjoy an exciting tour of an Old Town and to see the castle of Livonian Order. The Castle of the Livonian order, which houses Ventspils Museum since September 2001, is the oldest preserved building in Ventspils, built in the second half of the 13th century (first mentioned in 1290). The castle was built as a convent-house type building with an inner yard, and can be regarded as the oldest medieval fortress in Latvia to have retained its original form virtually unchanged. Departure to Sabile. Sabile Wine Hill is the town symbol and has also been included in the Guiness World Record Book as the most northerly vineyard in the world. The 34-meter high hill is 1.5 hectares in area, and has approximately 25 varieties of grapes growing on it, which are regularly replenished. Overall, the vineyard has about 800 grapevines, most of them varieties created by Latvian wine and grape specialist Pauls Sukatnieks. Tasting Sabile cider. Sabile Cider is made after the classic recipes from the Latvian grown apples. It’s a fizzy and light drink and fits perfectly with the traditional Latvian cuisine. Late in the evening returning to Riga.

Price includes:
-comfortable bus;
-guide-group leader service;
-Festival program, tour trade
-night in the hotel

Additional cost:
-Participation fee for the beach run;
-Tour boat “Duke Jacob” – adults: EUR 1,40; childrens, students, pensioner EUR 0,60.
-personal expenses (including insurance)
-Sea-side Open Air Museum -adults EUR 1,40; children, students, pensioners: EUR 0,55;
-Castle of Livonian order- adults EUR 2.10; children, students, seniors: EUR 1,10;
-Sabile wine hill- adult: EUR 0,70;students, pensioners- EUR 0,40;
Sabile cider- price will be clarified in the nearest time

*special offer only for beach run “Nikos Baltic Run” participants.
Sites and objects sequence may change. Prices and additional expenses are given after 12.29.2015. available information. If customer goes on a tour alone and “Nikos Travel” is not able to guarantee double or triple room accommodation, additional price for room15 Eur.

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